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So, You Want to Write Windows Apps

We are pleased to announce the latest in a series of tutorials on Windows programming. These tutorials, written by Jim Guerber and Barbara Brazil, provide a step-by-step guide for creating Windows applications using Internet Basic and Comet. The tutorials start with the basics and move to intermediate and advanced concepts. You can even download the programs discussed in the tutorials for your own study.

The tutorials are located at the following URL:

Here is a list of the current tutorials:

  1. Intro to Windows Programming

  2. Combining a Windows front end with an old back end:
    Message boxes, pre-validation, list boxes, combining programs

  3. Creating Windows fonts

  4. Check boxes, auto-clear list box content, proportional fonts

  5. Style elements:
    Combo box, list box font & tab stops, group box, transparent text,
    Logo image, list control vs. list box

  6. Teaching old programmers new tricks

  7. The nitty gritty: Exploring the API

  8. Using CtlDemo

  9. Event etiquette

  10. Debugging your Windows app