Windows 95 Network Warning
Last updated on Oct 21, 1998
Peter Schlosser

There is a major update to the Windows 95 network component, which should be installed on all network workstations. This update includes a new virtual redirector that addresses a variety of issues pertaining to file corruption, password encryption, hanging accessing databases, and other network connection problems.

This update, unlike many of the 95 updates, is applicable to both the original version of Windows 95 as well as Windows 95 B (OSR 2).

You can download this update from Microsoft's web site. or from the shop ftp site.

For more information, see Microsoft Technical Articles Q174371, Q172594, Q165402, Q161100, Q157114, Q156497, Q152186, Q148367, Q142803, Q140558, Q160807, Q150215, Q138249, Q138014, and Q136834.