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System variable: RUNSTATE
Length/precision: 1.0
Description: The system variable named RUNSTATE contains a value indicating the status of the current partition. RUNSTATE is a one-digit numeric variable containing 0, 1, or 2. RUNSTATE is maintained by InternetBasic and used by the QMONITOR program. The value of RUNSTATE is unique for each partition.

RUNSTATE value Description
0 QMONITOR will not require a password upon being run in the current partition. This follows any action where the user runs a program and then returns to the QMONITOR program.
1 The user pressed F3 to escape from a program (and return to the QMONITOR program), or a TERMINATE operation returned the partition to the QMONITOR program. If QMONITOR contains a program-to-be-run for the user, a password will be required; otherwise, no password will be required.
2 The user will always have to enter a password. InternetBasic assigns this value to RUNSTATE whenever the current partition is cleared. Thus, any user signing on into the current partition will be required to enter a password at the security QMONITOR program.