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Signature Systems offers a number of services to its resellers and end users. These services include a download site containing the latest versions of Signature's software products, on-line technical support, on-line documentation, and several community services. Signature's goal is to make sure that all Comet users are up-to-date with the latest software and information about that software.

Download Site

Signature's download site contains the latest releases of Comet, CometAnywhere, CometServe32, CometServeNLM, the Comet Security Server, eComet, the REL and UTL directories, The Reporter, the Windows Development Library, and the Internet Basic Development Platform. This download service is available to all Comet resellers and end users.

Technical Support

Signature Systems provides on-line technical support for all current Comet and Comet-related products. Our Support Forum has proven to be a very efficient way for us to handle your support questions. It has become a valuable way for our everyone in our community to exchange information and help each other. Make sure to include the version numbers of the Comet software you are using as well as all relevant information about the problem.

Documentation and Sample Code

Signature Systems offers an extensive library of on-line documentation, including information about Comet, CometAnywhere, the CometServe products, the Comet Security Server, eComet, the Windows Development Library, and more. In addition, Signature also offers sample programs that demonstrate how to implement the many features found in the Comet system and Internet Basic language.


Our goal is to make sure that Comet users have up-to-date information about Comet and all related software from Signature Systems. Towards that end, we offer several community services.
We encourage Comet users to communicate with each other regarding hardware and software issues, configuration information, Internet Basic programming issues, and more. The Comet Discussion Board is a public forum where all Comet users and developers can post questions and/or comments, respond to other users' comments, or just read along.

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