Documentation Update

Product:   Comet2018Install520.exe

Version:   Comet 2018 Build 520

Date:      April 5, 2019       Download the latest release now!

1.	Corrected a problem with XAP COMMON memory management that could have resulted in corruption or a crash.

Changes in previous releases: Build 519 1. Corrected a problem with STR() of an expression or another function. The result did not always have the correct precision. The correction required a change to both the compiler and Comet runtime. Therefore, in order to take advantage of the changes you will have to recompile your programs and run them on Comet version .519 or higher. If you have just a newly compiled program or just the new runtime, you will still have the problem as it existed prior to this release. Build 518 1. Corrected a problem with XAP COMMON memory management that could have resulted in corruption or a crash. Build 517 1. The TCP connect error code is now displayed in the Comet.log for a connect error E29. CosM32 1. Corrected a problem with using "_" in the middle of a string constant. Build 516 CosC 1. (CopyFile) will now perform the copy regardless of update date if the destination file exists but is empty. This is in response to a request to solve an intermittent problem of .dlls in the CAFILES folder somehow being cleared. Build 515 1. E09 is now issued if there's an attempt to CREATE a file with a name having only an extention (i.e. ".txt"). 2. A few changes to the Comet log to assist with diagnosing crashes: * Added ENTERLEVEL to RUN log * Replaced CosC process id with MM/DD for each entry * Added thread id for each process 3. Added process thread id to XAP log and C32Errors.log. 4. CFAM log now records E31s to help track down reports of lost access to dynamic DABs. 5. vcredist_x86.exe once again included in the release. CosM32 1. Corrected a problem that was issuing an undeserved error on a FOR/NEXT statement if any STL Container had been declared.
Build 514 1. Corrected a problem returning empty columns from csv read if end of record has already been reached. Previous versions would put garbage in the extra columns if there was no data in the csv record. Build 513 1. Elimiated a possible crash when deleting an old XAP COMMON buffer. CometUESetup 1. Added support for UltraEdit configuration file, Ueditu64.ini, which is used by some versions.
You may notice this version of the Comet release is lighter than previous versions. The good news is we have eliminated all files used solely by Comet16. There is no bad news. This version can work just fine for you whether you run only Comet32, only Comet16, or you switch between the two: