Documentation Update

Product:   CometInstall524.exe

Version:   Comet Build 524

Date:      September 6, 2019       Download the latest release now!


1.	Eliminated possible crash or hangup of CosW if an invalid session number is requested when using /s:[session-number]
	on your CometAnywhere shortcut.  If an invalid session is requested you will instead be assigned the next available one.
	Keep in mind when using /s: that session numbers are relative to 0 regardless of what starting partition or terminal number
	you have assigned in the [COMET SYSTEM OPTIONS] section of your configuration.

Changes in previous releases: Build 523 1. Prevented the CPU from locking up if the "name" parameter in a MAP for a REPLACE statement is a string with a length of 0. Read more about the REPLACE statement using a MAP. Build 522 1. Corrected a problem that could have caused a crash if invalid parameters were set for the Comet DateTime function. Build 521 1. Corrected a problem that could have set all XAP cookie expiration timeouts to days even if a different duration such as minutes or hours had been requested.