Documentation Update

Product:   CometInstall526.exe

Version:   Comet Build 526

Date:      December 20, 2019       Download the latest release now!

1.	Eliminated a possible XAP crash if a very large query string was written to the XAP session
	keyed file.  Data is now truncated to 7900 bytes to prevent memory overflow.
2.	Comet will no longer ask the Security Server for file server licenses when a node connects.
	The user will be granted as many as they require regardless of the limit on the license.	

Changes in previous releases: Build 525 1. Corrected a problem in PutFormat. If used following screen I/O the data may not have been formatted correctly. Build 524 CosC 1. Eliminated possible crash or hangup of CosW if an invalid session number is requested when using /s:[session-number] on your CometAnywhere shortcut. If an invalid session is requested you will instead be assigned the next available one. Keep in mind when using /s: that session numbers are relative to 0 regardless of what starting partition or terminal number you have assigned in the [COMET SYSTEM OPTIONS] section of your configuration. Build 523 1. Prevented the CPU from locking up if the "name" parameter in a MAP for a REPLACE statement is a string with a length of 0. Read more about the REPLACE statement using a MAP. Build 522 1. Corrected a problem that could have caused a crash if invalid parameters were set for the Comet DateTime function. Build 521 1. Corrected a problem that could have set all XAP cookie expiration timeouts to days even if a different duration such as minutes or hours had been requested.