Documentation Update

Product:	CometServerProducts1800.exe

Version:	18.00

Date:	January 19, 2018       Download the latest release now!

The following changes have been made in this release:

1.	Server .exe files are now digitally signed.  This should help eliminate false positives reported
	by some virus scanning utilities.

Changes in previous releases: Version 17.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. New process description for Task Manager. Now shows as "Comet Security Server" instead of "A Security Server for Windows based Signature Systems products". This will group it with other Comet products when sorting the display by description. 2. Eliminated possible crash when using SecSrv utility with more than 60 connected users. 3. More detailed logging for unsuccessful communication with the Virtual Dongle Server. CFileSrv: 1. Log blocking/unblocking of logins. CFAMNetServe: 1. New process description for Task Manager. Now shows as "Comet Database Network Server" instead of "Database Network Server". This will group it with other Comet products when sorting the display by description. Version 16.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Will now automatically logout a client if there has been no communication from Comet for a specified ping interval. The interval is currently set to 5 mintues and requires Comet32 .497 or higher. 2. Edit->Update Licenses now retrieves the most recent certificate from Signature Systems' server and then installs it. 3. Corrected a problem with losing log entries if a second instance of CSecSrv.exe was attempted. 4. A couple of performance improvements were made for Virtual Dongle users. CFileSrv: 1. Updated copyright date for 2016. Version 15.3 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Removed ability for login via Windows messaging. You may have to modify your Comet.ini to include a SERVER statement in NODE section for the Security Server. Logging in via Windows messaging was only allowed for Comet16 users. 2. We no longer logout users automatically based on IP address. Users are now identified solely by node name which must be unique. The elimination of login via Windows messaging will reduce the possibility of orphaned client connections so auto-logouts should no longer be necessary. 3. More information is now sent back to Comet if security is denied. This allows Comet to display a more useful error message for the user. This change requires Comet version .495 or higher. CFileSrv: 1. Added a thread to monitor expected ping packets from Comet clients. If a client hasn't pinged within the negotiated amount of time they will be automatically logged out and disconnected. This requires Comet version .495 or higher. Version .495 pings every 60 seconds. 2. Removed all references to client net address because all connections are "Local". This is because all remote Comet requests come thru CFAMNetServe which runs on the server or because Comet is running directly on the server. Version 15.2 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Simplified the HTTP header sent to the Virtual Dongle Server. CFileSrv: 1. No changes were made in this release. Version 15.1 CSecSrv.exe: 1. No changes were made in this release. CFileSrv: 1. Eliminated possible crash when using SearchFile on a text file and the last record is not terminated with the expected cr\lf. 2. Corrected a problem that could have caused SearchFile to fail to find a case-insensitive match in a text file when it should have. Version 15.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Support added for new SecSrv utility. CFileSrv: 1. No changes were made in this release. Version 14.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. By request, it no longer allows more than one node with the same node name to connect. CFileSrv: 1. Fixed multi-key file bug in ClearFile and if deleting a key results in an empty file. This was only a problem if there was more than one secondary key and the keys did not happen to be created in alphabetical order. Symptom was E9A. Version 13.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Introduction of the Virtual Dongle Server. Users must sign the new EULA End User License Agreement.pdf. Users swapping an old plug for a virtual one must return the old plug to Signature Systems. Plug swapping fees apply. 2. Improved logging and addition of 7-generation rotation of log files. CFileSrv: 1. FSTAT enhanced to return additional information to identify Comet Mobile programs. Comet Explorer looks for this and will identify Comet Mobile apps as a "C32M Program". To use this, include the .MOBILE compiler directive at the top of your mobile IB source file. 2. Removed Transaction Backup tab from Properties dialog. Version 12.1 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Added success/fail indicator to the Connect log message. 2. Send back more specific information if license install fails when using SECLIC. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected problem that could have created a log file with a garbage name. 2. FSTAT now includes all I0X files when calculating the key file size. 3. Fixed logging bug that displayed multiple BatchFStat messages for each call. Version 11.4 CSecSrv.exe: 1. If no license file is found at startup the Security Server will attempt to retrieve it from Signature's server and install it. Internet connection is required for this feature. CFileSrv: 1. Write errors are now added to the CometSrv.log file. 2. Corrected a problem using OPEN with a subkey. It was not returning the correct key length. 3. Fixed directory change notification for CometExplorer. 4. Added code to allow expansion of the number of tasks supported by a connection. Version 11.2 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Prevented a crash that could occur when updating the license file from the console. This problem was introduced in version 11.0. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected a problem with multi-keyed files. The next key value is now correct following a WRITE done on a LUN opened with a secondary key. Version 11.1 CSecSrv.exe: 1. No changes were made in this release. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected a problem in SearchFile that could prevent a match from being found under very specific conditions. Version 11.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Additional logging messages added. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected a problem in SearchFile that would not find a match for multiple occurrences in files larger than 10mb.