Documentation Update

Product:   REL Directory

Version:   17.01

Date:      June 30, 2017       Download the latest release now!
1.	SecSrv

	Fixed a problem that prevented info for more than 12 users from being displayed.

Changes in previous releases: 17.00 1. DocMgr More efficient code for saving the user registry settings before popping up the Print all dialog. No longer allow Print Text Docs to remote # printer for CometAnywhere clients. This can cause a Comet crash. Use a network printer instead. 2. QMONITOR Corrected a problem that prevented NOVA from being run to create the required help files. 16.04 1. QMONITOR Now closes LUNs used for keystroke playback file and the password file before any RUN. Previously it was possible to get E34 on LUN 3 or 5 after a RUN. 16.03 1. QMONITOR Corrected a problem preventing the keystroke playback from working on sessions that didn't yet have the keystroke file created. This problem was introduced in REL 16.00. 2. DocMgr Only transfer the toolbar file if it's out of date. 16.02 1. DES programs EXTNOL and HTMLNOL Eliminated unnecessary file copy to $(CATEMP) during PostClose since we're not launching the document file. 2. DocMgr Eliminated an E32 when using Delete after Export and the file's name was changed. 16.01 1. SS (UltraEdit Source Search) Recompiled it using current compiler to be compatible with proc parameter changes made in Comet version 501. This new version will also run properly with older versions of Comet. 2. SYSGEN Added support for a new GATEWAY type to be introduced later this year. 3. DocMgr Print All Added a PAUSE of 2 ticks in "forever mode" printing to avoid 100% CPU spike in archive inquire loop. 16.00 1. QMONITOR, CMONITOR, and CMON32 Eliminated possible endless E99 loop if IDFILE was damaged. 15.04 1. QMONITOR Added a User column to the partition display that identifies the name of the user. Eliminated a possible security lockout that could occur if the "program to be run" for a password was QMONITOR but it was not spelled in upper case in the security file. 15.03 1. QMONITOR A possible endless loop of E99s has been eliminated. This could happen if the keystroke playback file (MON-Txx) had been erased outside of Comet. 2. IB The source file is now closed after a Comet32 compile so that an outside editor (such as Notepad) can be used to make changes without having to exit the IB program. 15.02 1. SecLic Adjusted the size of a static text box. 15.01 1. SecSrv Introduction of a new utility, SecSrv, which will display information about all the users currently connected to the Security Server. It also provides the license retrieval and installation options of SecLic. This program may be run from any Comet client. It requires Comet32 and Comet Services version 15.00 or higher. 15.00 1. QMONITOR Changes to accessed DABs now works properly for Comet16. 2. DocMgr Prevented a crash on some systems when printing all text documents.