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Comet Fax Driver




The Comet Fax Driver allows an Internet Basic program to send faxes via a Class 1, 2, or 2.0 fax/modem. The fax driver is available in the base level of Comet2000/Comet2002.


The fax driver offers a number of advantages to the Comet user. First, it can send text as well as graphics files (PCX, DCX, TIFF, and BMP). It can also send a cover page, including the standard cover pages shipped with Windows and Office. Each faxed page can also include a banner with such fields as date, time, page number, to, from, company, subject, etc. All of these options are controlled by your Internet Basic program, and thus can be customized at any time.


While a fax is being transmitted, the fax driver provides status information to the controlling Internet Basic program. This helpful feature allows your program to monitor the status of the entire transmission starting with the dialing process and ending with the “fax complete” event. The fax driver also reports any errors that might occur during transmission. As a result, your Internet Basic program can create a fax log file that can be used for inquiry and reporting purposes.




Here are the hardware and software requirements for the Comet Fax Driver:


·         A Class 1, 2, or 2.0 fax/modem must be installed in your system.

·         You must run the CometFaxSupport.exe program to install the required support drivers.

·         You must install the FaxDriver.exe and Unidrv.dll files in the Comet startup directory. These files are contained in fax286.zip.

·         You must be running Comet2000 Build 286 or greater.

·         You must have a type 7 gateway configured for your system.


Download files are available in the \download\Comet Fax Driver directory.


Development Tools


Signature Systems has prepared several tools to help you start sending faxes right away. The Comet Fax Driver documentation includes general information, installation and configuration directions, and Internet Basic programming instructions. In addition, the #FAXDRV sample program shows the detailed steps involved in creating and sending a fax using the new driver.