Comet98 Installation Checklist

Here is a checklist to use when installing or upgrading to Comet98. The following items are divided into three categories: information for all networks, information for Novell networks, and information for non-Novell networks.

For all networks:

  1. Be sure Comet node names are 8 characters or less

  2. Use the correct DLLs. These are available from the Comet98 folder in the download area at Signature's web site site at the following URL:

  3. To ensure that older programs can use Windows printers with Comet98, set up a "generic" printer driver that points to your Windows printer and use this name in your .INI printer specification rather than the one configured with the printer's driver.

  4. If you are using the SYSGEN utility program to generate your Comet configuration files, and want to use Windows printers in Comet98, configure them as type W printers.

For Novell Networks:

  1. Turn off NetWare Server file compression

  2. Turn off write cache for Novell NetWare Client32 in W95 or NT Control Panel for Networks

For Non-Novell Networks:

  1. If you are installing Comet98 on a non-Novell network and using type N directories, make sure you have the correct version of the Microsoft driver VREDIR.VXD. The problem driver shipped with Win95's OSR2, also known as ver 4.00.950b.

    Using My Computer, locate the file VREDIR.VXD in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM or WIN95\SYSTEM directory. Right click on the file icon and look at the properties. If the version number is 4.00.1111 you have the bad version. You can download the correct version from our web site:

    Please see the Software Alert at our web site for a more in-depth discussion of this problem. The URL is

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