Form feeds and "raw" printers

This tip presents a "workaround" solution to a problem that can happen when you print to "raw" printers under Comet98. The problem has to do with the suppression of initial form feeds and the assumptions made by some existing MTB applications. Here's some background information.

When you print to a regular (non-raw) printer, there is no form feed problem because Windows ejects a job when it's done, even if your program does not include a final form feed. However, when you print to a "raw" printer, there can be a problem. The WINPRINT.DDL required by all type "W" printers suppresses the initial form feed. For programs that don't include a final form feed, his can cause multiple print jobs to run together (i.e., the second job prints on the final page of the first job, etc.).

We solved the problem by writing a small Driver Event Server (DES) program that you can include in the configuration for your raw printers. The DES program is named FFCLOSE.OBJ and it simply issues a form feed every time it detects a non-trivial close of a printer. To configure this option, place the DES program name in the field following the Windows printer name in the configuration .INI file, as shown in this example:

  Printer = LP1, W, N, , HP Laserjet 4:RAW, FFCLOSE,;
The FFCLOSE.OBJ program is included in the REL directory starting with release 99.01.

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