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  February 6, 2001  


Migrating to Comet2000


This tip provides information for Comet users who are planning to migrate to Comet2000. There’s an easy way to launch either Comet98 or Comet2000 from the same server while using the same startup configuration file(s). Here’s how:


It’s most likely that your Comet98 directory layout looks something like this (substitute the drive letter as appropriate):


  |----- comet
             |----- rel
             |----- cos
             |        |----- temp
             |----- utl
             |----- ced
             |----- ram


If so, the Comet98 executables (cosww.exe and the others) are located in the c:\comet directory. Your startup configuration files are also located in this directory. For example, if you have a node by the name of NODE1, then the NODE1.CFG file is located in c:\comet.


It follows that you have a desktop shortcut for launching Comet98. The shortcut’s target would be:


            C:\comet\cosw.exe /pn=node1


where the “/pn=” option specifies the “profile name” for your node.


Your shortcut also contains a field known as the Start in field. This field contains the directory (folder) that Windows will set as the “current directory” when the shortcut is invoked. For your system, the Start in directory is most likely to be:




Here’s the best way to add Comet2000 to this system without disturbing the existing Comet98 directory structure. First, create a directory for Comet2000, like this:


  |----- comet2000


Next, load the Comet2000 executable files to the c:\comet2000 directory.


Now, create a desktop shortcut for Comet2000. This shortcut’s target would be:


            C:\comet2000\cosw.exe /pn=node1


Here’s how to share the configuration file that’s being used for Comet98. Make sure the Start in field contains the name of the Comet98 startup directory, as follows:




Thus, when you use either shortcut (the one for Comet98 or the one for Comet2000), you’ll start the right executable program (cosw.exe) and use the same startup configuration file.


Here are sample shortcuts that demonstrate this point.


Comet98 shortcut (notice the “Start in” field)




Comet2000 shortcut (notice the “Start in” field)