Comet 2005

New Printing Features include support for PDF Printers, a new Document Archive utility, and the exciting new Email Printer.

Comet Explorer is the exciting new way to manage your Comet files in Comet 2005. Now with the ease provided by Windows programs, you can perform the administrative functions on your Comet files previously provided by the QTILITY suite. You can even drag-and-drop files from one instance of Comet Explorer to another to quickly copy or move files from one directory to another. You have got to see this!

CFAM Extended Keyed Files offer a larger key size and built-in file integrity checks. This is a great compliment to the 8000-byte record.

Report Generator Enhancements support CFAM files with up to 8000-byte records and extended keys. You may also define nested expressions in either your dictionary or report specification file.

Internet Basic Enhancements:

  • Support for up to 100 LUNs (0 thru 99)

  • New (Document = FileName$, Dir$) mnemonic specifies a file name and CFAM directory to be used for pdf, html, or txt print files.

Comet 2005 requires CometServe32 version 5.01 or higher.
Comet 2005 will continue support for Windows 98SE workstations. This support will be dropped in Comet 2007.

Be sure to check out Comet 2006 for more enhancements to help you run your business!

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