An Open Letter for Comet Customers.

Signature Systems is pleased to announce the introduction of Comet2004. This release brings some exciting new features to Comet, including a new file access manager, a new high-performance network file server, global and local settings for Cosw.Ini, a simplified scheme for updating a Comet installation, many new features in the Internet Basic compiler, and improvements in Comet Windows programming. These features are detailed in this announcement.
• • •
Note: A beta test release of Comet2004 is available free of charge to Comet2003 users until March 15, 2004.
  Some of the exciting new features available with Comet2004:

Comet File Access Manager (CFAM)

CometLib API for COM-compliant languages

Global & local setting for Cosw.Exe (Cosw.Ini)

Simplified installation updating

New features in the Internet Basic compiler

Windows programming improvements

So, You Want to Write Windows Apps

Troubleshooting your License Certificate Support Forum

New Installation Programs

Glossary of Files and Terms

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