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Your Comet files contain a lot of valuable data. Turning that data into useful management information requires the right software. Comet2003 provides one of the most powerful tools to help you get close to your data and create the information you need. That tool is called Comet Data Express.

With Comet Data Express, you have an easy way to export data from your Comet files to some of the most popular software products for data analysis and management information reporting. The two products currently supported by Comet Data Express are Crystal Reports and Excel.

Crystal Reports is the leading report generation software for personal computers.
Excel is the dominant spreadsheet program for personal computers.

No programming is required to use Comet Data Express. Just point and click, and Comet Data Express does all of the work.

Comet Data Express and the Crystal Reports tab

In the case of Crystal Reports, Comet Data Express provides a way to create a report that uses multiple (linked) Comet files. This feature was not available in the initial release of OLE DB Lite (where reports could be created using one file only, as the “Lite” product did not provide support for multiple files in a report). However, with Comet Data Express you now have a full implementation of the OLE DB feature in Crystal Reports and can create reports using more than one Comet file.
In the case of Excel, Comet Data Express provides a very convenient way to analyze your Comet data in a spreadsheet format. Comet Data Express exports the data directly into a spreadsheet. The process couldn’t be any easier.
Comet Data Express and the MS Excel tab

Comet Data Express displays a menu of the reports and “views” of the Comet data you want to export. A view contains information about which data file(s) you want to use, which records you want to select, how those records should be sorted, and which fields should be exported. Views are created with a companion product called View Manager.

For Crystal Reports, you can preview a report, print a report, edit a report, create a new report, add an existing report to the menu, or remove a report from the menu. With Crystal Reports you have the power to create the management information you need using up-to-the-minute data from your Comet files.
For Excel, you can view a spreadsheet, add a view to the menu, or remove a view from the menu. When you use the view option, the data from the Comet file(s) is exported from your Comet file(s) directly to a spreadsheet. You can then use the power of Excel to drill down to the most detailed information you need, create summaries of your most vital information, or rearrange your data in any way you need to see it.

Comet Data Express is available only with Comet2003. Upgrade to Comet2003 today and get the power you need to get close to your data.

Using Comet Data Express

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