Comet Script Files

Starting with Build 306 of You can launch Comet or CometAnywhere via a Comet Script File.

A Comet Script File is a one-line or two-line text file that contains startup information for Comet or CometAnywhere. These files are distinguished from other text files by a unique extension: CSW (an abbreviation for "Comet Script for Windows").

You can launch a Comet Script File from Windows Explorer, from a desktop shortcut, or from a web page hyperlink. This latter feature is where Comet Script Files really shine. Imagine clicking on a link on a web page and, as a result, launching a Comet or CometAnywhere session.

For example, here is a Comet Script File that launches Comet using a profile name of node1, and including the /sec and /max startup options:


Command=/pn=node1 /sec /max

Saving this script file with a CSW extension lets you launch Comet via the script file. Here is a segment from an HTML document that demonstrates the point. These tags define a hyperlink that launches a Comet Script File named c:\comet.csw.

<a href=""file:///c:\comet.csw">

Launch Comet


When you click on the "Launch Comet" hyperlink, the browser launches the c:\comet.csw script file, which starts Comet using the furnished information (profile name and other startup options).

For more information and additional examples, please see the following web page:

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