Comet is a professional computing environment for business and web applications. It provides runtime support for local and remote Comet applications. It includes character and GUI interfaces, and contains an Internet gateway for Winsock applications, a sort gateway, a fax driver gateway, pdf/ HTML/ text printers, Comet script files and advanced network administration tools. Comet is installed by running the Workstation Installation Program.

Once installed, the next step is to define the system's configuration. This is done through the use of a Windows initialization file (.ini) and a Comet program called SYSGEN.

Comet provides Gateways for faxing, sorting, serial devices, client-side ODBC, WinSock applications such as sending email, and CGI applications such as managing web pages.

Comet Explorer helps you manage your Comet files. Now with the ease provided by Windows programs, you can perform the administrative functions on your Comet files previously provided by the QTILITY suite. You can drag-and-drop files from one instance of Comet Explorer to another to quickly copy or move files from one directory to another. Comet Explorer is installed with your Comet release. It requires a COM license which is included for all Comet Subscribers.

Other utilities required for your Comet installation are contained in the REL and UTL releases.

The latest generation of Comet is Comet32. It includes many extenstions to the IB language and relieves the restrictions of the old 16-bit world.

Documentation Updates for the current Comet releases

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