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Technical documentation
IB enhancements for Comet32
Intro to Multi-Keyed Files Support Forum

Server and Workstation Installation CometServerProducts.exe and CometWorkstation.exe
CAInstall.exe for Comet Anywhere clients
Troubleshooting your License Certificate
Glossary of Files and Terms
Introduction to CFAM
Archive Documentation Comet 2006
Comet 2005
Comet 2004
Comet 2003
Comet 2002
Comet 2000
Programming Las Vegas Meeting Notes (Windows Programming, CometLib, Debugger)
Internet Basic documentation
Internet Basic Debugger Documentation
So, You Want to Write Windows Apps
CometLib API for COM-compliant languages
Internet Basic Development Platform
Windows Development Library (WDL) Dialog/Control Reference Guide
eComet and XAP What is XAP?
Tutorials, Demos, References
Database Utilities Comet Data Express Overview
Using Comet Data Express
Using View Manager
Using DB Manager
Using DBLaunch
The Reporter
General Running Programs at Start-up Time (QSTARTX)
Command line options
COSW.ini Settings
Screen colors (CWCOLOR)
Configuration SYSGEN
CometAnywhere General information
CometAnywhere configuration guidelines
CometAnyhere port number
Cascading printers
Comet machine-specific security
CAUPDATE program
Directory aliases overview
TACCESS CometAnywhere File Transfer Utility
Utility programs Comet Electronic Mail
Comet Security System
QACCESS Command language
Installation instructions and operating procedures
Documentation Updates

IB Language

Comet Tips