Download Comet Anywhere Mobile

Comet Anywhere Mobile is now available thru Apple iTunes Store

The wiki page has more information.

Here you will also find example programs and the include file for the procs required to program with Comet Anywhere Mobile. Unless otherwise noted, all example programs can be run on the demo server (currently by running the name of the program without the .ibs extension. For example, "menu.ibs" can be seen by running "menu" on the demo server.

See Change Log for recent changes to Comet Mobile.

See Programming with Comet Mobile for explanations of new mobile programming concepts.

NOTE: Currently Comet Mobile requires iOS version 6.0+ to run. If you get an error message after tapping the install link, please first check that your device is at version 6.0 or higher.

Version 0.9.0

App and include files

Version 0.2.5


App and include files

We have added buffered file upload! This means you can use the new mCopyFileHostToMobile function to upload any sized file to the mobile device.

WARNING: Because the file upload mechanism has changed, you will need to recompile your demo programs with the new before running with the new version! Running old programs with the new Comet Mobile app will result in UNDEFINED behavior!

Also note: Because of a new "feature" in ios7 enterprise distribution requires an SSL connection. As a temporary fix, we have switched to using Dropbox to host the file in order to comply. Please click the link below, but don't be alarmed when it tells you that dropbox wants to install Comet Mobile. Thank you.

Updated Example Programs

Version 0.2.4

iOS7 beta version: All iOS7 users need to download this one!

iOS6+ users should also download this one to run the new programs and

App and include files

Whew lots of changes here... First off we are reasonably confident in our iOS7 compatibility! On top of that there have been a number of improvements to the view layouts and how they interact. We fixed the scrolling issues when dealing with the keyboard and text fields, as well as the "done" button will now automatically hide the keyboard and trigger your DONEEDITACTION in your IBS program.

We have also added a number of controls! Segmented controls, slider controls, stepper controls, switch controls, and picker controls are all available for use in your programs. We also added the ability to load images into your views. See controls.ibs for examples.

Example Programs

Version 0.2.3

App and include files

All programs have been updated for new version.

We are now using the cc32 server ( as a staging area for our demo programs! Connect with your ios device (un: mobile pw: mobile) to see the latest demo programs in action!

Example Programs

Version 0.2.2

App and include files

Note: New example - customer maintenance!

Example Programs

Version 0.2.1

App and include files

Note: The app name is now "Comet Mobile" (no longer "CometAnywhereSplit" or "CometAnywhereMobile"). Please remove any apps from your device that do not have this name as they will no longer work. Thank you.

Example Programs

Version 0.2.0

App and include files

Example Programs

Archived versions here