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Mnemonic: (AutoCROn)
Discussion: The (AutoCROn) mnemonic turns on the extra CR/LF added by CosP to the end of each line not followed with a (TR). The mnemonic is in effect until either the printer is closed or the (AutoCROff) mnemonic is sent. The effect will persist over an EXIT, so a subprogram may issue the mnemonic for a printer opened by the parent program.

This Mnemonic is especially usefull for those programs that use the email printer. All of the mnemonics that specify such info as to, from, subject, etc should be surrounded by (AutoCROff)/(AutoCROn) mnemonics.

History: Support for this mnemonic was added in Comet 2004.
a. 100 FORMAT (AutoCROn)
   OPEN (1) "LP1"
   PRINT (1,100)

b. OPEN (1) "LP1"
   PRINT (1) (AutoCROn)