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System variable: CURPOS$
Length: 2
Description: The system variable named CURPOS$ contains the position of the cursor at the last data transmission from the video device. The value is a two-byte hex string containing the cursor position in the form "@YYXX@" where "YY" represents the row and "XX" represents the column plus 1. (The minimum column value is 1 and the maximum is 64, 80, or 132, depending on the screen setting. To arrive at the actual cursor position, you must subtract 1 from the column value.)

The CURPOS$ string must be converted as follows to achieve the cursor position in decimal:

LENGTH 2 & LOCAL A$      ! Receiving variable for CURPOS$
LENGTH 2.0 & LOCAL X,Y   ! Numeric variables for row, column
A$ = CURPOS$                  ! Contents of A$ will be @YYXX@
Y = HEXDEC(SUB(A$,1,1))       ! Row value (decimal)
X = HEXDEC(SUB(A$,2,1)) - 1   ! Column value (decimal)