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Edit masks may contain one of the following modifiers:

Modifier Description
(BZ) A directive to print blanks if the numeric value is zero. The (BZ) modifier is placed after an edit mask, as follows:
Here is a example of a complete format item specification:
SAMPLE: FORMAT CRLIMIT,9,@(12,20),"$#,##0.00-",(BZ)
        PRINT (0,SAMPLE)
This sample prints the CRLIMIT field, specifies the format length as 9 characters (the size of the edit mask), positions the field at screen column 12, row 20, specifies an edit mask, and prints blanks if the field contain a zero value.
(LM) The (LM) mnemonic places a leading minus sign on a negatively valued numeric field. This feature is particularly useful when writing numeric fields to a data file that will subsequently be imported into a spreadsheet program, data base program, or other DOS program where a leading minus sign is expected.

The (LM) mnemonic appears as the final parameter in a FORMAT statement for a specific numeric field. This feature is intended for unformatted numeric fields only (i.e., fields without an edit mask).

Note: The (LM) mnemonic and (BZ) mnemonic may not be used on the same field.

FORMAT statement syntax:

label FORMAT numeric-field[,length-override][,@(position)],(LM)
     OPEN (2) "OUTPUT",DIR="DSK"
     WRITE (2,9999)
This sample writes the BALANCE field to a data file named OUTPUT, including leading minus signs on negatively valued items.