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System variable: HELPKEY
Length: 4
Description: The system variable named HELPKEY$ is a four-byte string. The value of HELPLEY$ is set by an Internet Basic program and subsequently used by the Comet Help System. The HELPKEY$ value links a help message to an Internet Basic program using the following key:
  object name + HELPKEY$
This may be used as an alternative to the screen position/program address method of linking a help message to a specific program. For example, if your program sets HELPKEY$ to a value of "ABCD" and your object program is named "PROG1234", the help message will be keyed as follows:
You may change the value of HELPKEY$ throughout a single Internet Basic program; each new value will effect a new help message link. This is the way to link numerous help messages to a single object program without using the screen position/program address method.

If the HELPKEY$ variable is not set by your Internet Basic program, the system assigns it a null value, and the Comet Help System (if invoked) will link help messages to the program as follows:

  object name + screen position, or

  object name + screen position + program address