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System variable: RUNSTATE
Length/precision: 1.0
Description: The system variable named RUNSTATE contains a value indicating the status of the current partition. RUNSTATE is a one-digit numeric variable. RUNSTATE is maintained by Comet and used by the QMONITOR program. The value of RUNSTATE is unique for each partition.

RUNSTATE value Description
0 Following termination of the partition. If secured, the user's password will be requested.
1 Normal running condition, either secured or unsecured.
2 At startup or just following QENDITOR.
3 Using security and the "program to be run" has a value for this user's password.
4 User is running a CGI application.
5 Following an error in a CGI application.
6 User is in a program which was ENTERed. (Added in Comet 2004)