Signature Systems, Inc. creates systems software, database products, and programming tools for personal computers, networks and the Internet. Our products are ideal for business, accounting and e-commerce applications.
Comet Comet is a professional computing environment for business and web applications in the Microsoft Windows environment. It provides runtime support for local and remote applications. It includes character and GUI interfaces, and contains an Internet gateway for Winsock applications, a sort gateway, a fax driver gateway, pdf, HTML, and text printers.
CometAnywhere provides remote application processing capability for Wide Area Networks and the Internet.
CometConnect The CometConnect Servers are maintained by Signature Systems. Users may connect and run their programs using their data. This service provides data security and backup without having to worry about hardware or systems software maintenance.
Comet Disaster Recovery The Comet Disaster Recovery Service uses CometAnywhere technology to duplicate your existing comet data and programs on a remote server - providing a redundant system that can be initialized quickly in case of a disaster. By making automated, periodic updates to the remote server, you are insured that if something happens to your local system, there is an up-to-date and physically distinct remote system capable of resuming normal business operation with minimal downtime.
CometServer The server products provide database access to local and remote client workstations and manage product licensing validation.
CometServer Internet Basic is our powerful development language, optimized for business applications.
CometServer A variety of tools are available to explore and organize your data. Reports can easily be generated, displayed, or sent to pdf, html, or text printers as well as to Microsoft Excel.
CometServer XAP is an advanced server-side technology in which you can combine HTML pages, compiled scripts, and high-speed access to live data to create powerful web-based applications. This patent-pending technology was invented by Signature Systems, Inc.
CometLib This library of Comet file system functions is available to COM-compliant languages. Using CometLib you can access your Comet data from languages such as Visual Basic and C++.

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