Comet Server Products provide database access to local and remote client workstations and manage product licensing validation. They are installed by running the Server Installation Program.

The Comet Security Server manages product licenses among a network of Comet workstations. It uses the serial number provided by the Comet Security Plug installed on a USB port or one of the parallel ports, in conjunction with an encrypted license certificate, that equates to some number of licenses for a given product. Licenses are shared and managed on a first come first serve basis. As each Comet workstation starts up, Comet will request licenses to secure its various features and operating modes, such as CometAnywhere sessions, file server connections, and other special features. Communication between Comet and the Security Server is implemented using the TCP/IP network protocol.

If you are having problems accessing your license certificate or the products you have purchased, please read Why Doesn't My License Certificate Work?

The Comet File Server is the application that serves the database record requests from the Comet workstation. Data file types supported are multi-keyed, text, and sequential. Any folder reachable by the server on which the CometServe32 Database Server is located may be accessed by the Comet workstation as a Comet directory.

Documentation Updates for the current File and Security Server releases:
Note: Beginning with the version 6 server products support is provided for CFAM files only. Older installations using type "S" files must use version 5 products.

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