Documentation Update

Product:	CometServerProducts1500.exe

Version:	15.00

Date:	May 26, 2015       Download the latest release now!

The following changes have been made in this release:


1.	Support added for new SecSrv utility.


1.	No changes were made in this release.

Changes in previous releases: Version 14.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. By request, it no longer allows more than one node with the same node name to connect. CFileSrv: 1. Fixed multi-key file bug in ClearFile and if deleting a key results in an empty file. This was only a problem if there was more than one secondary key and the keys did not happen to be created in alphabetical order. Symptom was E9A. Version 13.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Introduction of the Virtual Dongle Server. Users must sign the new EULA End User License Agreement.pdf. Users swapping an old plug for a virtual one must return the old plug to Signature Systems. Plug swapping fees apply. 2. Improved logging and addition of 7-generation rotation of log files. CFileSrv: 1. FSTAT enhanced to return additional information to identify Comet Mobile programs. Comet Explorer looks for this and will identify Comet Mobile apps as a "C32M Program". To use this, include the .MOBILE compiler directive at the top of your mobile IB source file. 2. Removed Transaction Backup tab from Properties dialog. Version 12.1 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Added success/fail indicator to the Connect log message. 2. Send back more specific information if license install fails when using SECLIC. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected problem that could have created a log file with a garbage name. 2. FSTAT now includes all I0X files when calculating the key file size. 3. Fixed logging bug that displayed multiple BatchFStat messages for each call. Version 11.4 CSecSrv.exe: 1. If no license file is found at startup the Security Server will attempt to retrieve it from Signature's server and install it. Internet connection is required for this feature. CFileSrv: 1. Write errors are now added to the CometSrv.log file. 2. Corrected a problem using OPEN with a subkey. It was not returning the correct key length. 3. Fixed directory change notification for CometExplorer. 4. Added code to allow expansion of the number of tasks supported by a connection. Version 11.2 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Prevented a crash that could occur when updating the license file from the console. This problem was introduced in version 11.0. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected a problem with multi-keyed files. The next key value is now correct following a WRITE done on a LUN opened with a secondary key. Version 11.1 CSecSrv.exe: 1. No changes were made in this release. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected a problem in SearchFile that could prevent a match from being found under very specific conditions. Version 11.0 CSecSrv.exe: 1. Additional logging messages added. CFileSrv: 1. Corrected a problem in SearchFile that would not find a match for multiple occurrences in files larger than 10mb.