Documentation Update

Product:   UTL Directory

Version:   21.01

Date:      April 1, 2021       Download the latest release now!

1.	QTILITY DosCopy

	Corrected a problem in "Copy Files to Diskette" for Comet32 users.  In some circumstances more files would
	be copied than were requested.

Changes in previous releases: 20.01 1. IDMAINT Added "Last Seen" column showing date the last time the user connected. This change requires REL version 20.01 or higher. 19.01 1. CFILES Eliminated possible E09 when creating a new file definition. 18.01 1. Reporter Reporter now uses FILE (LUN) CSV to generate delimited files. Previously it did CSV formatting internally. 2. CometAnywhere File Transfer Utility CB now issues a more helpful message if CometLib is unable to connect to the CA host. 17.02 1. CFILES FTOTLEN (field length for TOTAL) is now set to declared length plus 2 for numerics when importing a #CFILES definition from a FORMAT statement. Previously FTOTLEN was left at 0. In that case the Reporter would use declared length plus 2 when running a report. 17.01 1. Reporter Added these CometDate functions for use in expressions: CometDate, Year, Month, Day, MonthName, DayName, DayOfYear, DayOfWeek, IsLeapYear, and DateTime. Corrected a problem preventing SORT from working properly if KEYNAME was used to read the primary file using a secondary key. Eliminated a syntax error in processing a SELECTING statement that used a fieldname that was the same as an IB function name. If this situation occurs, the user-defined field will take precedence over the IB name. 17.00 1. QTILITY file copy Eliminated E99 when copying a directory that contains multi-keyed files. 2. Reporter Added PAD to the list of functions supported for a DEFINE statement. Tab characters between the end of a statement and the beginning of a comment are now ignored. 16.02 1. Reporter Corrected a problem that was preventing temporary files from being erased. 16.01 1. CFILES CFGenUse Corrected a problem in the generated XML format Added a MAP format and SELECT statement for fields in the MAP (Comet32-compiled only) 2. Reporter Reporter now loads the CosM32 compiler from $(.EXE.) instead of $(COMET). Reporter now creates/erases the CosM32 compiler listing file in TMP. 16.00 1. CFILES CFGenCfl Eliminated problem of comparing path of TMP to path of CATEMP if they were in different cases. 15.04 1. QREPORTS It will now add ".ibr" to the entered report name if name as entered is not found. 2. NETINQ Eliminated the net address from the snapshot info. Connections are always "Local". This is because all remote Comet requests come thru CFAMNetServe which runs on the server or because Comet is running directly on the server. 15.03 1. CUtlCpy The launch path is now enclosed in quotes if it contains a blank character. 15.02 1. SecSrv Replaced SecLic with SecSrv on the QTILITY menu for Comet32 users. 15.01 1. CB.exe now supports up to 100 configured directories. Previously it was limited to 50. TMP must be in the first 100 configured directories. 15.00 1. DX and DataExpress.exe Increased default font size.