Documentation Update

Product:   CAInstall.exe - Comet Anywhere Client Installation Program

Date:      February 23, 2005

CAInstall.exe is a universal installation program for all Comet Anywhere Clients regardless
of the version of the host computer.  It installs all of the files required by the client:

When you run the installation, you will be asked to select a destination folder. The default is:
C:\Program Files\Signature Systems, Inc.\CometAnywhere
Use the "Browse" button to select a different destination.

You may optionally specify a host server so that Comet Anywhere will automatically connect when
started.  This may be an IP address or server name such as  This will be
appended to the Comet Anywhere startup command line following the /NET: parameter.  If you do
not specify a host server, you will be prompted for the host information each time Comet
Anywhere is started.

If the version of CosW installed by the installation is not the same as the version running on
the host, the client can be updated either automatically when it connects (any version of Comet)
or manually (introduced in Comet 2005) by running CAUPD.  Therefore, you need not worry about
which version is running on the host when you install the client.  There is only one version of
the installation program.

Download CAInstall.exe