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  Updated on November 14, 2001  

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The MoreThanBasic documentation contains the following sections:

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Recent Updates

November 14, 2001 Added documentation for the CLEARFILE statement.
September 26, 2001 Added documentation for the WAIT statement and the (Flush) mnemonic. Updated the documentation for the (EasyScan) mnemonic. Updated related cross-reference and index pages.
August 30, 2001 Updated Comet exception messages (E85 description changed). Removed Comet startup options (and updated the "C" index and reference guide page). Added documentation for the (PlaySound) mnemonic.
August 2, 2001 Added documentation for INCLUDE, (Copy from Clipboard), (Copy to Clipboard), and (Query Clipboard). Updated documentation for PSTAT (short partition names), DSTAT (for X00 device), END (for usefile purposes), (Launch) (result string), (Easy Scan) (disables other scan codes), special characters (@ is escape character), and Comet exception messages (new messages). Updated related cross-reference and index pages.
May 23, 2001 Corrected the following pages to eliminate documentation about a feature that was removed from the compiler in 97.03, namely the abilty to compile 502-level code: Interactive Mode, Command Mode, Compiler Commands.
May 14, 2001 Added documentation for the BASE256, BASE64, RND, and RPOS functions; and the (Kill Session) mnemonic. Updated the statement summary, video mnemonics, and procedure division statements, along with the "B," "K" and "R" index pages. Updated the Comet exception messages with the revised wording for E38.
April 4, 2001 Updated the documentation for the PSTAT function (note: position 41 contains the directory name of the object program currently running), the DSTAT function (for the X00 system device), and updated the documentation on the (Create Window) and (Delete Window) mnemonics to clarify that these mnemonics return the amount of remaining window memory).
February 21, 2001 Updated the documentation for the new INPUT statement (added length-override, multiple fields in a specified "tab order").
February 2, 2001 Updated the list of compiler error messages.
January 26, 2001 Updated the documentation for the (Easy Scan) mnemonic and the STS function to demonstrate how to retrieve the mouse coordinates on a mouse click.
January 9, 2001 Updated the documentation for the INQUIRE statement.
December 21, 2000 Added documentation for (CrMode) and (ShellExecute) mnemonics, and updated the appropriate related pages (index pages for "C", "E", "S", and "X", as well as mnemonic cross-references, the reference guide index, and the "what's new" page).
December 1, 2000 Added documentation for the EXITTO statement, and updated the appropriate related pages (EXIT, EXITALL, subprograms, procedure division statements, and the "E" index).
November 29, 2000 Added documentation for TRUE, FALSE, DECPASS, and EXEPASS system symbolic constants. Updated appropriate index pages and cross-reference pages. Also updated "M" index to include link to leading minus sign modifier (LM).
November 7, 2000 Updated the "D" and "U" index pages to correct the links to the UNSET directive.
November 2, 2000 Updated the documentation for the BINARY function.
October 6, 2000 Added information about array exception processing, updated information about LUNs (on the OPEN and LUN pages), and documentation about the Get Handles DOS function.

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