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Syntax: ENTER program[,[directory-name][,message]]
Placement: The ENTER command may be used either before or after the REPORT command. If used before, the subprogram is entered before the report is run. If used after the REPORT command the subprogram is entered after the report has run but before any RUN command. This can be very handy for doing pre- or post- processing around the report.
Discussion: The ENTER command executes an Internet Basic sub-program. If you pass a message, the Reporter will print the message to the # buffer just before the ENTER. The first executable statement in the sub-program must input the data from the # buffer. The sub-program must end with an EXIT statement. Here are some examples:
  ENTER MYPROG,DSK,"some data to pass to myprog"
The ENTER command was introduced in Reporter version 8.03.