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SuperNova tools are created and maintained with the CTMAINT utility program. Each tool context has a unique name (6 characters maximum), and contains three types of tools:

A toolbar contains icons. These icons are bitmap images that represent a specific event (e.g., a picture of a comet represents the launching of a Comet session).

The icons are BMP files. Comet98 supports two sizes:

For the sake of convenience, we recommend that you store the BMP files in a separate directory such as C:\BMP.

Accelerators consist of keyboard shortcuts. For example, the default tool context (the "initial tools") offers two accelerators:

A pop-up menu consists of menu headings plus one level of menu items. Each menu item represents a specific action. You can add separators between the menu items to visually separate sections of a menu.

SuperNova Actions

Each tool is associated with a specific action. For example, when you click the mouse on the comet icon, a new Comet session is launched. SuperNova provides a rich colletion of actions for each tool, including:

Some of the above actions are the same as the actions performed the by Nova function keys. In fact, the NOVA program processes the following SuperNova actions: launching the Comet Help System, executing a Comet subprogram, and replaying a text string.

The "system" actions consist of the following system-level operations:

   1    Launch a new Comet session
   2    Print the current screen (Windows dialog box)
   3    Print setup (Windows dialog box)
   4    Change font (Windows dialog box)
   5    Change color (Windows dialog box)
   6    About (Windows dialog box)
   7    Exit from Comet
   8    Toolbar display -- on/off toggle
   9    Status bar display -- on/off toggle
  10    Copy clipboard
  11    Paste clipboard
  12    Cut clipboard
  13    Display Comet release notes (RELNOTES.TXT text file)
  14    Tool button size -- toggle between small/large icons
SuperNova also offers the ability for an MTB program to intercept and process a tool, leaving the NOVA program out of the picture altogether. For example, clicking the mouse on a particular icon could result in the current program branching to a specific statement label. Likewise, selecting a menu item or using an accelerator key could result in an action by the current MTB program, not the NOVA program. For this reason, this type of tool is given a "no action" value, indicating that no Nova action is being taken. In general, this feature extends the capability for creating "event-driven" MTB applications.