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SuperNova is an major expansion of the Comet Help System and the Nova Help System. SuperNova adds the following features to Comet98:

The SuperNova features are similar to the current Nova function keys; they provide an assortment of actions that are essentially independent of the current application program.

With the Comet Help System (introduced in Comet Version 502), the F1 function key provides an easy way to add help messages, lookup programs, and user-defined subprograms to Comet applications.

The Nova System (introduced in Comet Version 503) expands this capability by adding other function keys and features. The Nova function keys can be "programmed" to launch the Comet Help System, enter a subprogram, shell to DOS, or replay a text string, regardless of what application program is running or what the program is doing.

SuperNova extends these features in the Comet98 environment. Pop-up menus, toolbars, and accelerator keys can be "programmed" to perform Nova-like tasks and more. Selecting a menu item, clicking on a toolbar button, or pressing an accelerator key result in certain actions, regardless of what the current Comet application program is doing.

The result is a true graphical interface to your Comet applications, and one that is available with little or no programming.