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The SYSGEN documentation contains the following sections:

Overview | Using SYSGEN | The INI file | The CFG file | Quick reference | Index


Download Information

For your convenience, you can download the SYSGEN documentation. Here are the recommended download procedures:

         Create a unique directory on your system for the SYSGEN documentation. We suggest a path name of \techdoc\sysgen directly under your Comet directory.

         Download the current SYSGEN documentation (SYSGEN.ZIP) Note: A download password is required.

         Use the WinZip utility to unzip the documentation to the \techdoc\sysgen directory. Please note: the zip file contains long file names. Therefore, make sure to use WinZip, not PKUNZIP, to unzip this file.

         Use a browser program (or HTML-compatible word processor) to read and/or print the MTB documentation. Point your browser to the following file: \techdoc\sysgen\overview.htm



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