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Minimum Requirements:


This group is not required.


Refer to the minimal INI file to see the minimum requirements to configure Comet.



The SPOOLERS group contains information about the configured print spoolers. The group contains one segment title:


      Spool = spooler-name,path;


For example:



Spool = SP1,FS1\SYS:\COMET\QSPOOL\;        spool on primary file server

Spool = SP2,FS2\SYS:\COMET\QSPOOL\;        spool on secondary file server

Spool = SP3,C:\COMET\QSPOOL\;              spool on local hard disc

Spool = SP4,D:\COMET\RAM\;                 spool on local RAM disc

Spool = SP5,\\SERVER\SYS\COMET\QSPOOL\;    UNC path example (see Directories)

Spool = SP6,SERVER\SYS:\COMET\QSPOOL       Network type "S" example

Spool = SPL,L:\COMET\QSPOOL;               Network type "N" example



Segment Title


Spool = spooler-name,path;


This segment title has two parameters. They are:




                        Enter the spool device name in the form:


                        SPx (where x can be a number from 1 through 9), or

                        Sxx (where xx can be any alphanumeric characters)


For those printers that are configured for exception or automatic, any spool device name can be attached.




Enter the full DOS path where the spool files are to be created. The DOS path must be a valid Comet directory path that contains the QDIR files. The path can contain up to 60 characters.


The path should always end with the “\|” character. However, if you don’t include this character, SYSGEN will add one when the INI file is processed.


Spool files should not be created on directories that contains standard Comet release files, including the following directories:


Initializing a Spooler


You must run the QSPOOL utility initially of any print spooler that has been just created or it's DOS path has been changed. This is a mandatory step in order for Comet to build it's own working files. To initialize a new or changed spooler, do the following:


  1. Build a new spool entry INI record, or change an existing spool INI record
  2. Generate a new CFG configuration file
  3. Exit Comet
  4. Restart Comet
  5. Run the QSPOOL utility Perform a print job inquiry on the new/changed spool device