Dynamic Link Library Functions


COS.OpenDll and

COS.OpenDllEx - Opens a DLL that contains the resources that will be used by this application


On Entry:          <cosDllNames$> contains the name of the DLL file to be opened (COS.OpenDll)


<cosDllDir$> contains the COMET directory (COS.OpenDll)


<cosFileSpec$> contains the full qualified DOS file name of the DLL (COS.OpenDllEx )


On Exit:            <cosDllOpen> will be TRUE (1) if the DLL was successfully opened or  FALSE (0) if there was an error.


The reason for a DLL open error can be determined by comparing the value of cosID.wParam$ with error codes contained in C/C++ help files (see LoadLibrary).



COS.CloseDll - Closes the currently open DLL


On Entry:

On Exit:            <cosDllOpen> will be FALSE (0) if the DLL was successfully closed.