Comet98 Installation Checklist
Part 2

Here are two follow-up messages to the Comet98 Installation Checklist.

  1. From Joe Townsley (LTC, Inc.):

    "Here is a current version of the vredir fix from Microsoft. This has a new vredir and vnetsup.vxd which are their fix for the bug. This should be better than the Win95a version."

    This file is available at the following URL:

  2. From Steve Auerbach (Auerbach Business Systems, Inc.):

    Step-by-step instructions for turning off write cache for Novell Client 32 in W95:

    Click the Start button
    Chose Settings
    Control Panel
    Highlight Novell IntranetWare Client
    Click Properties button
    Select the Advanced Setting Tab
    In the Parameter Group drop down list, select Performance Cache
    In the Setting drop down list, chose Off
    Then select True Commit and turn it ON
    For your reading pleasure and enjoyment, I recommend reading the 
    explanation of True Commit
    Steve also writes:

    "I would like equivalent detail on how to turn off file compression on the server. I've been searching and searching."

Thanks to Joe and Steve for providing this information.

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