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  November 30, 2000  

CometAnywhere Port Number

The communication between a Comet host system and CometAnywhere remote system is done using Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). These protocols allow data to be sent via a specific port number.

There are 65536 port numbers available with TCP/IP.

         Ports 0 through 1023 are reserved for services such as HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP), Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Telnet, etc. These reserved ports are the "well-known port numbers" and are controlled by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.

         The other ports are divided into the "registered ports" (1024 through 49151) and the "dynamic and/or private ports" (49152 through 65535).

The default TCP/IP port number for CometAnywhere is 11751. This port is an unassigned port in the range of "registered ports."

If you want to use another port number to connect a CometAnywhere remote system to a Comet host system, you must specify the new port number in two places:

         on the CometAnywhere remote system using the /CAPORT command line option, or the following COSW.INI option

         on the host Comet system, via the following entries in the COSW.INI file (works on remote systems also):


Example (using port number 54321):

         command line option on CometAnywhere remote system:

cosw.exe /CAPORT:54321 /NET

         COSW.INI entry on host system: