Creating a Splash Screen for Comet98

Here is the information for creating your own "splash" screen for Comet98. A splash screen is the first screen displayed when a Windows program is launched. This screen usually contains the name of the product, a company logo, release information, and copyright information. With Comet98, you can view Signature's splash screen (currently featuring a nice picture of Hawaii) or create a custom splash screen.

To create your own splash screen, follow these instructions:

  1. Use a paintbrush program to create a BMP file. We recommend the following dimensions for your splash screen: 435 pixels wide, 350 pixels high.

  2. Use your creative talent to draw a custom splash screen. Save your file and name it OEMLOGO.BMP. Make sure that this file is saved in the same directory as the Comet98 startup program (cosw.exe).

That's it. When you launch Comet98, you will see your splash screen. You will also see a Comet98 copyright message below your splash screen.

To revert to Signature's splash screen, just rename or move your OEMLOGO.BMP file.

Here is a sample splash screen. Click on the graphic to download this file.

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