Language Structure

IB Statements

File System

Comet 32 Runtime


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Machine ID number
(Map Mode) mnemonic
MATCH parameter
(MC) mnemonic
Message sending to all terminals
Message sending to another terminal
MESSAGE$ system variable
MESSAGESUB statement
Metafiles overview
MID function
Minus sign (-)
Mnemonics, generic printer
Mnemonics, mouse driver
NLM mnemonics
Mnemonic, spooler
Mnemonics, video
Mnemonics, Windows printer
MOD operator
Modulo operation
Mouse driver
Mouse demo program
Mouse driver mnemonics
Mouse on via (Easy Scan)
Mouse sample programs
Mouse Enhanced Character Set
(Mouse Off) mnemonic
Mouse Pseudocode
Move a file
Move DOS file read/write pointer
MOVE statement
Move string field
(Move To) mnemonic
MSGBOX function
MSGBOX statement
Multiple parameters
Multiple Statements on a Line